Copyright ©2017 Barbara Barrett. All rights reserved.

Drawing, the Foundation to Painting

Copyright ©2017 Barbara C. Barrett.  All rights reservedDrawing in Prismacolor on colored French pastel paper is the most common media Barbara Barrett explores. Over much of her career, Barbara Barrett produced a remark 52 full-sheet drawings a year, not to mention paintings and prints.  Drawing is central to her expression. More expedient than painting, a series of drawings may represent well over several hundred artworks, and yet may cul­minate in only one or two paintings. Oil paintings, provide a rare yet magnificent glimpse of her well studied subject.

Prismacolor is also a convenient media for Barbara Barrett while juggling a family, a career as a teacher, community volunteer and contemporary life’s myriad of distractions. Barbara Barrett found drawing to be a medium she could pick up and put down whenever time permitted. Her drawings are finished artworks.