California Art, Nature & Goddess

Barbara Barrett’s artworks include cattle, rocks, feathers, bones, koi fish, swans, water plants, pigeons, pears, seashells. Straightforward and direct; the artist as naturalist; her work portrays the natural world caught elegantly poised, if only for a fleeting instant. Dignified and grand or dark and foreboding, Barbara Barrett’s reveals the natural world as if it almost appears to have posed for a formal portrait. Yet within this captured moment, glints life’s steadfast progress and time ever fleeting.

Yet it is not so much the subject of Barbara Barrett’s work that is worth noting, but more the labor of disciplined practice and mastery in the making of art that each piece represents. Working with a subject for perhaps years, Barbara Barrett’s has refined her technique in drawing, painting, and printmaking.  Her cattle series spanned five years. Koi Fish series spanned two years, and a feather series spanned 6 years thereafter. An exquisite mastery of both subject and technique is evident in Barbara Barrett’s work.

Unburned from the search for a subject, an instead focused on process and technique; Barbara grasped an opportunity to concentrate on the process. Deliberate and thus so developed, her success is evident both in technical mastery and also a deep understanding of her subject.

The relished labor of art-making and her ever-increasing clarity in purpose, continue to draw Barbara Barrett to the studio. Through years of coordinating hand, eye, material, and passion, her work excels in mastery, the elegance of its expression reflects a message atypical of much of the art world today.

Recently a new series began; the subject is now the goddess.

Art Drawn from California Landscape

Visual artist, Barbara Barrett’s life journey began in central California in the San Joaquin Valley. She was born to John and Oleta Little-Heart Pilakowski.  As a toddler, she grew up in Caliola, California, a residential settlement for the employees of Shell Oil….

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