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Barbara Barrett at her Easel about the time she worked at Fresno City College as a part time instructor.

Barbara Barrett former part-time Faculty who helped institute a Getty Foundation/Fresno City College evening classes program at the Fresno Art Museum, California naturalist artist

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Career in the Arts

Committed to the ideal that teaching is an aspirational undertaking. Dedicated to assisting young people to become better-educated people and not necessarily artists

Copyright ©2017 Barbara Barrett. All rights reserved.An educator, professional artist and community volunteer for over four decades: Barbara Barrett began a lifelong career in the arts as an educator in the Peace Corps, teaching in Liberia, Africa along with her husband Robert Barrett.  Barbara Barrett’s career in teaching extended to the community college, university, high school and primary school levels.

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Art as Life’s Journey

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Cow Drawing by Barbara Pilakowski Barrett

Drawing on her youth’s passion, the natural world around her, Barbara embarked on a life of disciplined practice and mastery in drawing, painting and print making.

As train tracks were laid, and a train station established in Coalinga California, the residence of Caliola all moved; the tiny settlement ceased to exist.  In Coalinga, Barbara attended elementary and high school and her parents lived much of their life.  Life in Coalinga was very much the pinnacle of small town America.  Yet Barbara interests were more keen on exploring the scrub brush and rolling hills around Coalinga. Continue reading “Art as Life’s Journey”

California Artist as Naturalist

Copyright ©2017 Barbara Barrett. All rights reserved.Barbara Barrett’s artworks include cattle, rocks, feathers, bones, koi fish, swans, water plants, pigeons, pears, seashells. Straightforward and direct; artist as naturalist; her work portrays the natural world caught elegantly poised, if only for a fleeting instant. Dignified and grand or dark and foreboding, Barbara Barrett’s reveals the natural world as if it almost appears to have posed for a formal portrait. Yet within this captured moment, glints life’s steadfast progress and time ever fleeting.

Unburned from the search for subject, and instead focused on process and technique; Barbara grasped an opportunity to concentrate on process.

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Professional Teaching Career

  • Private Art Instructor, Long Beach, CA
  • Teacher, Elementary and High School, All Subjects, LD, ESL, Peace Corp, Liberia,
  • Private Drawing Instructor, Fresno, CA
  • Art Instructor, Preschool and Elementary Art, Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, CA
  • Teacher, Elementary and High School, All Subjects, LD, ESL, Fresno Unified School District (FUSD), Fresno, CA
  • Art Instructor, Figure Drawing, Drawing, Painting and Art Appreciation, Fresno City College (FCC), Fresno, CA
  • Art Instruction, Consultant / Program Development, Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, CA
  • Art Instructor, Drawing, Clovis Adult Center, Clovis, CA
  • Art Instructor, Drawing, California State University Fresno (CSUF), Fresno, CA
  • Art Instructor, J. Paul Getty Trust Program, Discover Art, Baird and Calwa Elementary Schools, Fresno, CA
  • Art Instructor,, Alemany Catholic Preparatory High School, Mission Hills, CA
  • Teacher, Elementary and High School, All Subjects, South Pasadena Unified School District, South Pasadena, CA
  • Teacher, Elementary and High School, All Subjects, San Marino Unified School District, San Marino, CA
  • Private Drawing Instructor,Rancho Mirage, CA